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8th Line Creations

This post has been a while coming, just after our friend Robert died our son was caught up in a machine at work and lost part of his thumb, so things have been a little hectic around here for the last couple months or so.

Robert was my mothers partner , they were only together a couple of years before he died of cancer but in that time we got to be darn good friends. We spent a fair amount of our time bitching about government , taxes and the normal things people bitch about.

But we spent most of our time talking woodworking. Robert’s shop was small, maybe 6 feet x 8 feet or so, but he had so much packed into that tiny space and made use of every square inch.

Small Shop

He built toys, furniture, picture frames etc. for his grand children, relatives and the occasional charity out of whatever scrap wood he could salvage or was given to him. Typical woodworker right? OK he did buy wood but you get the idea 🙂

We were given the honour of building his burial urn, we only had about 5 days to get this together and I must admit it was a tough job to complete in such a short time and emotions were running a little high.

We designed and built two boxes. The outside box is a keepsake box that will be given to his daughters with a few of his things in it.

Thanks to Lee Valley for expediting the shipping on the hardware for this, it arrived with time to spare. Much Like us Robert was a huge fan of Lee Valley his wish list was always full of Lee Valley items at Holiday times.

The Maple , ebony and Andiroba (Mahogany)  came from The Wood Source another favourite spot.

Robert was a big Greene and Greene fan so we added some of those elements to the Keepsake box; protruding finger joints, ebony plugs to names a couple.

Mahogany Keepsake Box

Mahogany Keepsake Box

The inside box was the burial urn Robert was interred in.  It is made from maple to reflect his love of Canada, the ebony keys and the mahogany cross we added to blend with the keepsake box.

Maple Burial Urn

Maple Burial Urn

Mahogany Keepsake box and maple burial urn

Mahogany Keepsake box and maple burial urn

maple burial urn in mahogany Keepsake box

maple burial urn in mahogany keepsake box

Rest in peace Robert, you were a good friend and we are already missing you.

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