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8th Line Creations

Another happy customer

We received these pictures this morning from a customer. She is very happy with her little cedar table.

Do you have a project idea? Contact us and we will work with you from design to finished product.

Cedar table

Cedar table

Cedar table

Cedar table


Tile Table

We have been building these tile tables for several years now.

Each Table is unique as we collect tiles one at a time so each one is different.

We normally build these out of cedar, but they can be built from any wood you like.

Cedar Tile Table

Cedar Tile Table

If you have a specific tile you would like to use contact us and we will work with you to build your unique table.

Price :$80.00

Trestle Table

Pine trestle table with breadboard ends, finished with Chestnut stain and 5 coats of Varathane.

Trestle Table

Trestle Table

Trestle Table

Trestle Table

Trestle Table

Trestle Table

These trestle tables start at about $900.00 , we will work with you on a design if this is not exactly what you are looking for.

If you are interested in getting a quote please feel free to contact us here

New items added to our online store

Just a quick note to let you know we have added new items to our on-line store.

Click HERE to  see our new items and feel free to leave us a comment , we are always looking for feedback into what sells and why certain items are so popular and what our customers are looking for.

Maple Serving Tray with Ebony Keys

Maple Serving Tray with Ebony Keys

If you don’t see what you are looking for pop us a comment or CONTACT US to get a quote on making it for you!


Cedar Tile Table


Price: $100.00


Length:   20″     x     Width:     20″     x     Height:     30″

Ceramic Tile in middle     12″ x 12″


Dark Walnut stain with 3 coats of outdoor varathane.

This nice tile table would look great on your deck.  Made to handle the outside elements.  It can be left out all summer, bring it in for the winter.  Order yours today!

Pine Cabinet

This little cabinet will act as a charging station for electronics, it is only 9 inches deep and about 20 inches wide.

The tops is a butcher block style also done in pine and is just oiled.

The finish is red chestnut and 2 coats of shellac.

We found the plans for this on the Minwax page, before jumping right in though be aware the cut list is totally wrong and some of the finished measurements are wrong as well. Make sure to review the plans carefully if you decide to use them.

Click picture to see more of the build


Cedar and Tile Deck Table

My Mom had told us ages ago she was in need of a table to go with her outdoor chairs.

We were busy with several other projects and only recently got around to building it for her.

The actual project was quite easy to do and we completed the tables in around 6 hours.

We already had tiles left over from what we think was our kitchen floor at the old house. Everything except the legs is made from left over cedar deck board and I had a 8/4 piece of cedar we used for the legs.

I built 2 of these, my mom will get first pick on the one she wants and we have a special idea planned for the other one.

From This


to this


Click on either picture to see more of the construction process.

Questions or comments most welcome.

Pine Bedside Table

This was a fun project we did in the winter time. Debbie milled up the rough cut before we started taking the pictures, but if you click on the picture below you ca see some of the construction pictures.

I used the same stain on the metronome box as this as we had tons left over. This is then finished with 3 coats polyurethane.


Pine bedside table

Cedar Serving Table

OK we hoped to post this a week or so ago. This cool little table is made from 4 cedar 5/4 by 6 foot long deck boards, we got a really good deal at our local wood supplier on the wood. It turns out this table is very popular. Several people we showed it too thought it was pretty cool and wanted one. So instead of getting the finish on the original one we ended up building a couple more. We have decided to sell these little 22 wide by 16 long by 17 height tables. For more info or if you are interested in buying one contact us .

Price: $125.00

For more images please click the picture below

Cedar Serving Tray Table

Cedar Serving Tray Table